Attention all ice-cream lovers

I love dairy products. I grew up lactose intolerant and just recently (miraculously?) overcame my disfunction after a life of calcium supplements and one-too-many charges for soy lattes. Now, I have a string cheese obsession (that stuff is amazing!) and eat yogurt every morning. Also, ice cream. Forget the lasagna for dinner, and let’s skip straight to dessert. Churn‘s mint ice … Continue reading Attention all ice-cream lovers

Not just produce in 7th street market

If you’ve ever been to Charlotte, North Carolina, you know there’re so many neighborhoods to explore, it seems near impossible to get fully acquainted with the city. However, Uptown Charlotte not only has a beautiful skyline from the distance (when the roads are straight enough to expose the architecture without trees blocking the view), but also has gems … Continue reading Not just produce in 7th street market