Weekend picnics welcome springtime

Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow casts across continents, some of spring’s more joyful qualities are peeking into Saumur in a welcome gesture of bidding winter farewell. While six more wintry weeks are unfortunately possible, tomorrow (March 20) will officially ring in the next season. Complete with a happy mix of forecasted flowers and showers, I celebrated the … Continue reading Weekend picnics welcome springtime

Magical weekend persistent through storm

Privileged and blessed by a lovely French girl studying hairdressing, I owe my rich experiences and memories to Gwendeline’s enthusiasm and interest in ensuring my every moment passes delightfully, enriched by high spirits and good company. Our friendship blossomed in the recent months, whether her first interest in me sparked from witnessing my tray-dropping incident or from her pure, kind, … Continue reading Magical weekend persistent through storm

Spa day in Tours

Hot spas and public baths date back as early as 2500 B.C. Used for many different reasons such as health, relaxation, social and cleanliness, public baths are still used around the world in various forms. While the technology has changed, spa towns still dot the European landscape, and I wanted to give it a go. I … Continue reading Spa day in Tours

Afternoon walks through Point de Grouin, Cancale

There are a couple little corners in the world where I could sit forever, watching the waves crash against the Earth, looking out into the brilliant water and absorbing natural beauty’s totality and peace. I found the first place in Queensland, Australia, and the second in Brittany, France. Pointe du Grouin, on Brittany’s northern-most coast, displays staggering panoramic … Continue reading Afternoon walks through Point de Grouin, Cancale

Hiking through the Loire

Imagine the feeling of walking through a charming forest of skinny trees and chipping birds, then opening onto the top of a vineyard, overlooking rolling hills, french rooftops and the Loire River. Spanning 16k (9.94 miles) through the countryside about 10-minutes east of Saumur, the circuit de randonnée à (hiking trail in) Souzay-Champigny leads tourists, locals, hikers and the … Continue reading Hiking through the Loire