Weekend picnics welcome springtime

Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow casts across continents, some of spring’s more joyful qualities are peeking into Saumur in a welcome gesture of bidding winter farewell. While six more wintry weeks are unfortunately possible, tomorrow (March 20) will officially ring in the next season. Complete with a happy mix of forecasted flowers and showers, I celebrated the … Continue reading Weekend picnics welcome springtime

Afternoon walks through Point de Grouin, Cancale

There are a couple little corners in the world where I could sit forever, watching the waves crash against the Earth, looking out into the brilliant water and absorbing natural beauty’s totality and peace. I found the first place in Queensland, Australia, and the second in Brittany, France. Pointe du Grouin, on Brittany’s northern-most coast, displays staggering panoramic … Continue reading Afternoon walks through Point de Grouin, Cancale